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light & materiality

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its iconic Twingo, Renault has partnered with internationally renowned designer and contemporary artist Sabine Marcelis to reimagine this iconic model, unveiling an artistic vision of the original Twingo launched in 1993. Sabine Marcelis, the latest winner of the ELLE DECO International Designer of the Year Award, has established her as one of the world’s most influential designers. Her impressive art installations have captivated international audiences, from design and art lovers at Art Basel to visitors to museums around the world.

Following in the footsteps of Mathieu Lehanneur, who honored the 60 years anniversary of the Renault 4 with Suite N°4, and Pierre Gonalons for the 50 years of the Renault 5 with the R5 Diamant, Renault has commissioned designer Sabine Marcelis to revisit the iconic Twingo. The Dutch designer is known for her work with pure, elegant forms, her particular affinity with light, and her mastery of technologies that push the limits of what’s possible when it comes to making better use of materials.

The project began with a detailed exploration of the Twingo, returning to its most recognizable features: its iconic single-volume silhouette, its characteristic headlights, its modular interior with its incredible sense of space and luminosity.This was followed by meticulous work on the play of transparency and the interplay between color and materials. The result is striking: a Twingo like no other, yet faithful to the very essence of the iconic model, 30 years after its creation.

« The collaboration with Renault began with an invitation to rethink Twingo as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. It was a fantastic opportunity, and a new field of exploration for me, as I’d never designed a car before. Working on such an iconic and popular car was a real challenge, especially given the scale of the project. It was an opportunity to create something truly innovative and memorable, » says Sabine Marcelis.

This collaboration between Renault and Sabine Marcelis is a true testimony to the values of artistic and creative freedom. Renault’s commitment to electric cars – the concept has been retrofitted with an electric motor – and Sabine Marcelis’ innovative approach to materials and design create the perfect synergy to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic Twingo, revealing the car in a whole new light. Unique and unexpected, this concept is the meeting of the emblematic Twingo and the designer’s artistic vision, offering a refined reinterpretation of the vehicle.



Renault, a historic mobility brand and pioneer of electric vehicles in Europe, has always developed innovative vehicles. With the ‘Renaulution’ strategic plan, Renault has embarked on an ambitious, value-generating transformation moving towards a more competitive, balanced and electrified range. Its ambition is to embody modernity and innovation in technology, energy and mobility services in the automotive industry and beyond.


Sabine Marcelis is a designer who grew up in New Zealand and now runs her practice from the harbor of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis began working as an independent designer within the fields of product, installation and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality. Her work is characterized by pure forms which highlight material properties. Sabine Marcelis applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with industry specialists. This method of working allows her to intervene in the manufacturing process, using material research an experimentation to achieve new and surprising visual effects for projects both showcased in museums and commissioned by commercial clients and fashion houses.

Sabine considers her designs to be true sensorial experiences: the experience becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic. Her work has been acquired into the permanent collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL and The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU among others. She has recently won the prestigious Elle Deco International Design award 2023 ‘Designer of the year’, Monocle Magazine ‘Designer of the year 2023′, Wallpaper awards ‘ Designer of the year 2020’, the Design Prize 2019 in the ‘Newcomer of the year’ category, The Elle Deco International Design award 2019 ‘Young designer of the year’ and ‘GQ Men of the year 2019’ International Artist of the year.

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Photo : Carl Kleiner / Kleiner Studio 
Production : Crazybaby! 


From Riverdale to Lancel

Lancel Paris announces US actress Lili Reinhart as its new global ambassador. The stunning US actress, Star of Netflix hit show « Riverdale » joins a line of muses and embodies Lancel’s values in the most beautiful way.Since 1876 Lancel has always captured the zeitgeist. The Parisian label walks the world’s avenues with unparalleled style, bearing the colours of an undeniably French attitude and chic. Concealed beneath the elegance a signature glistens, one of savoir-faire nurtured by an upstanding tradition of leather goods, as well as lightness, movement and refinement. Unique qualities which resonate with the young American.

Passionate since an early age –she dances, sings and acts– Lili Reinhart has more than one trick up her sleeve and only one goal in mind: to become an actress. Her work and unwavering determination lead her to Betty Cooper, the character in the TV show Riverdale that revealed her to the world. She then co-stars, and once again shines, in the feature length drama Hustlers.


Curious and enterprising, Lili sets herself a new challenge: to create a production company. With Small Victory Productions she ventures to the other side of the camera. And it’s a resounding success. Her first opus as a producer, Look Both Ways, is N°1 worldwide on Netflix. Soon after she stars and produces Chemical Hearts. The movie is so well received that Small Victory Productions signs a contract with Amazon Studios for future TV and movie projects. Lili is brilliant and charming, and so much more than that. With body positivity at the heart of what she stands for, she rallies under her banner a conscious, sensitive and dedicated community. Nestled in the digital safe space, where she dares to be sincere and funny without losing any of her glamour, she shares the absolute necessity to accept one self, body and soul, and to practice self-care. Her collection of poems Swimming lessons published in 2020 even made it to the New York Times Best-Seller List.


Inspiring and inspired, cool and sophisticated, Lili Reinhart had everything it takes to conquer Lancel’s heart which, for a long time, had been wanting to expand its international presence. And what better choice than an outstanding American actress, also known worldwide? Following Lancel’s tradition of legendary advertising campaigns, which joyfully blend refinement and whimsy.


Lili imbues each image with Lancel’s spirit. As seen in the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign where she can be found playing with CALIFORNIA DREAM’s revisited icons, a dreamy collection imagined by the creative director Barbara Fusillo. Designed as an immersion into a soft and spirited California, the luminous edition undulates between beaches and the desert, cool districts, elegant palm trees and mythical sunsets. Lili’s radiant presence and elegance divinely befits the collection’s delightful lightness offset with nods to the 60’s, where minimalism and Hollywood prestige rub shoulders without competing for the limelight. Lili and Lancel, a truly undeniable duo, as you will discover in the Spring-Summer and the Autumn-Winter 2023 campaigns, both masterfully shot by photographer Peter Ash Lee.


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